Amanda Park Mortgage Loan Officer

Amanda Park

Senior Mortgage Banker

Professional photo of Amanda and her partner outside Amanda and her partner in front of a lake. Selfie of Amanda and her partner in KC Royals hats


Amanda Park

Buying a home is a journey – with an incredible destination.

And Amanda is your guide.

There are many twists and turns - and the path is not always charted. But Amanda knows the way. Amanda’s passions are family and travel. From mountains to beaches, she’s explored a good chunk of this world so far with her family and has no intention of stopping. It’s this spirit that she puts to work for you. She’ll get you prequalified, and then be with you each step of the way as you take what will be a very exciting journey to a destination unlike any other.

Talk to Amanda today. By the end of it, you’ll know - You completed the journey.

You’re home.