Conner Combes Mortgage Loan Officer

Conner Combes

Senior Mortgage Banker

Conner with family and friends and a dog Conner Combs with his son. Conner wearing Chiefs gear


Conner Combes

Individuals don’t win championships. Teams do.

Conner knows what it take to lead a team. He grew up with sports, playing football in college at Pittsburg State and helping his team win a national championship in 2011. A lot of things have to come together in the mortgage process and, as your teammate, Conner guides you each step of the way.

In his spare time, Conner loves the gym, softball, golfing and spending time on the lake with family and friends. You will also see him walking his dog, supporting local charities and coaching his high school football team. And, as an avid Kansas City Chiefs fan, he NEVER misses a game.

Purchasing a home is often the biggest financial decision of your life. You need a good teammate. Talk to Conner and join the team today. It’s championship caliber.