Headshot of John Brown

John Brown

Senior Mortgage Banker

John and his wife John practicing soccer with kids John with son


John Brown

Coaching soccer team is a challenge.  You’ve got offense, defense, passing, shooting, and scoring.  It’s a lot to manage, and the details all matter. 

But that’s ok.  When it comes to a challenge, John’s up to it. 

He takes the same approach to your mortgage. 

In mortgage lending since 1998, John brings expertise, attention to detail and extreme amounts of passion to your loan.  His goal is simple.  Get you the best mortgage he can, and make you feel like family at the same time.  He does this by asking questions to understand your financial situation currently, plus where you are trying to go with your finances.  A home is likely to be your biggest purchase in your lifetime.  John makes sure you have the right loan to do it. 

In his spare time, John coaches youth soccer and attends any soccer match he can.  He supports his hometown team, Sporting Kansas City, and his favorite club across the pond, Liverpool FC. 

Contact John today.  You’ll feel like family. 

Who knows, he may even invite you to a soccer match.