Julie Vari Adams Mortgage Lender

Julie Vari Adams

Senior Mortgage Banker

Julie Vari Adams and nephew Julie Vari Adams and friend hiking Julie Vari Adams dogs


Julie Vari Adams

A lot of people talk about “customer service”.

But how do you know how they want to be served?

That’s easy.

You listen.

One of Julie’s favorite sayings is “We are given two ears and one mouth, to listen more and talk less”. She listens to your needs and finds the most efficient path to get you there. It’s important to her that you understand the process from beginning to end and any question, no matter how small, is answered.

In her spare time, Julie exercises, mountain bikes, and walks her two dogs, Marty and Max. You will also see her spending time with her little sister as part of the Big Brothers, Big Sister program.

A home is the biggest financial decision you’ll likely make in your life. It’s important that someone listens to YOU during this decision.

Julie’s got great ears. Talk to her today.