Josh Spexarth, Mortgage Loan Officer

Josh Spexarth

Senior Mortgage Banker

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Josh Spexarth

Ever see the sitcom, “Full House”?  It was a show in the 90’s about a bunch of people who moved in together and started a new life.  With that many people in the house, there was a lot of everything:  arguments, mishaps, laughs, but, more than anything else, love.

Josh can relate.

Growing up with 10 siblings, Josh knows what a full house is all about.  Having that big of a family was challenging, but also, it helped shape the person he is today.  From an early age, he embraced hard work, attention to detail and dedication to others. Josh attended Kansas State University, where he graduated from the business administration program, continuing a proud family tradition.

Josh has been in the mortgage business since 2014 and this experience with families and their home loans has shaped his approach. Josh knows the pivotal role finance plays in raising a family. As your mortgage banker, he determines the best loan not just for your loan, but for your financial future.   

In his spare time, Josh and his wife enjoy golfing, snowboarding, and supporting the Kansas City Chiefs. And true to form, Josh has a “full house” of his own.  He and his wife “share” their home with two adorable goldendoodles.   

It’s time for your own full house.  Contact Josh today.