Terry Murphy, Mortgage Lender

Terry Murphy

Mortgage Lender

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Terry Murphy

Terence has two lives.  

Yes, he's a mortgage loan officer.  He spends his days communicating with clients in order to understand their needs in a competitive housing market.  Terence understands what you need in order to get the house that you want.  His knowledge of loans is paramount to your success - he'll find the loan that works not just today, but for your financial future.  

But, that's not all he does.  

Terence is also..wait for it..a classically trained opera singer.  Yes, before settling in the Midwest, Terence made his way across Europe and Asia as a professional opera singer.  It was in Macau, China during a production of "Romeo and Juliet" that he met his wife Ana.  In 2012, they decided to move back to his hometown of Kansas City to raise their two children Rita and Miguel.  

Talk to Terence today.  When it comes to your mortgage, he'll hit the high note.